Magics Happen!

You write some strange stuffs and the result is totally out of the world! Isn't it magic? Here are some of the web-apps created by me that can be really useful in everyday life.

BifrostX is an advanced video conferencing platform that works completely based on WebRTC. That means, while using BifrostX your data travels directly to the other device - not to any intermediate server. That ensures that your privacy is never harmed. Also it lets you share files, images and youtube and vimeo videos with people who are connected with you in real time. You also have the option to share your entire screen with the connected people.

Prayrock brings simplicity to transfer files among multiple devices. No matter where you are, you can always send and receive files from your friends. Prayrock can also be used to transfer files among devices in your home network at an excellent speed. Click on the logo up top to open Prayrock in your browser.

The primary motif of developing this advanced piece of art is to obliterate the hiccups we always face whenever we are in health issues. Plorux defines a new height when it comes to how people in need and people who wants to help them can communicate. It lets people create account as an individual or an organization and sends people's need-oriented notification to those who are currently fulfilling those needs in the locality. Besides, the site also serves as a micro-SNS platform.